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Tuesday, 19, 2021 - 3:29am Vancouver Time
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Content Management: What is Content Management?

In its simplest form, "Content Management Software" is a tool that lets you create web pages without any knowledge whatsoever of HTML or other web technologies. It is kind of like a HotMail™ interface, but for web content building instead of email writing.

While WebMotif's Web Integrated Publishing System™ (WIPS™) has been engineered to be easy and intuitive to use, it is anything but simple. Thousands of hours of work lie underneath the hood, and the result of this work is a highly refined piece of Internet technology that gives you almost complete control over the look and feel of your website.

Web Content Software Gives You the Power

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WIPS in Action
The WIPS content management system is powerful, easy to use, and flexible.

Most competent content management systems (CMSs) give you the power to create web content on the fly, schedule information releases for a future date, distribute documents, or manage ecommerce and database integration systems. The problem with most CMS implementations is that they tend to focus well on one branch of content management, and all but ignore other aspects. Some CMS implementations, for example, can handle brochureware type sites well, but fail horribly at document distribution or database integration with user/login systems.

Further, some of the better CMS systems out there are very competent, but also extremely expensive, running a quarter of a million dollars or more just for the installation. There are middle of the road CMS packages out there that compete with WIPS in terms of pricing, but don't even come close to our versatility or functionality. Budget CMS software is also available, sometimes running as low as $5,000, $2,000 or even free, but with those implementations, you are getting nothing better than a typical Geocities-style web page creation system.

WebMotif's WIPS software is not like these other CMS implementations. WIPS is full featured, expandable, customized for each individual client, yet still very affordable. Our average Return on Investment (ROI) for most of our clients is under a year, sometimes as little as four to six months.

Contacting WebMotif
If your questions about WIPS and web content management software have not been answered by this page, or you have further questions, we'd love to hear from you. You can give us a call on our dime at 1-800-332-WIPS (9477), email us at, or for other contact options, visit our Contact Us section.

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