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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 9:48am Vancouver Time
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Content Management: Overview of WIPS

Every installation of WIPS is customized to the specific clients' needs and requirements within the website, and the system, even in its most basic format, is highly versatile. We use the terminology "manage, maintain, and update" to describe what it does, but sometimes these words confuse or don't convey the proper meaning of what this software is capable of. To explain further:


WIPS is designed from the ground up to manage very complex websites, and is the core system behind current websites containing as many as 2,000 pages or more. Even with that amount of content, WIPS is easy enough to use that one person can effectively manage those websites, with little or no knowledge of HTML.

WIPS has the ability to handle content intelligently, and also designate and manage users of a website. The software can automatically update many pages on a website, pages where the primary function is to convey the latest news, or newest content, flyers, sales, new products, or other similar "fresh" content. Further, WIPS users can use the software to designate what content is displayed on various parts of the website. Some installations of WIPS even allow selectable "featured" items to be turned on or off.

Almost every article or "content" written within WIPS is given a set of properties, including launch and expiry dates. Expiry dates can be set to "never", or can be set to the day, hour and minute you want the information removed from the website. This complex form of management is not found in many CMS packages, but WIPS has it built in to the basic system.


We mentioned earlier that every piece of content written in WIPS has a set of properties. One of these properties are keywords and other meta tags. These can be updated often, and is suggested as a means for getting a website ranked higher in search engines.

Editing pages within a WIPS controlled website is also very easy. The software has a unique "Browse Your Site" feature that lets the WIPS user browse the website as it appears to the normal visitor, but every page has a WIPS editing panel that allows for quick edits, or the creation of new pages or content linking off the existing page the person is viewing. This is a highly secure but easy way to maintain your corporate website.


Updating a WIPS controlled website is very easy. The main interface page for the software is designed to show all the most recent content written for the website, and offers one click access to most sections. Creating new pages within WIPS is a matter or one, two or three clicks, then cutting and pasting from your favourite word processor.

The Browse Your Site method of surfing the website also allows for very easy updating of new content. New "child" pages can be created easily, and once submitted to the website, the "parent" pages are automatically updated to show the new content.

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