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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 11:08am Vancouver Time
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Team & Strategy: The Workplace

WebMotif Net Services is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a small satellite office in the suburb of Richmond, BC. As a growing company, we approach our work environment in a very modern way. Employees are encouraged to work from home or the office, using broadband technologies to stay informed, to keep up to date, and to work collaboratively.

Work Ethos

Most of our employees perform their work from several different locations. Home, at the office, in the café, at the beach, you name it. We encourage employees to manage their own time effectively, and use broadband collaborative and reporting technologies to help the process. As a result, all of WebMotif’s employees are highly motivated individuals who recognize the importance of teamwork, but also recognize the power of relaxed yet intense work and timeframes.

Ask any of our people who have pulled 24 hour shifts just because “they were on a roll”. In our company, we encourage personal freedom in work conditions, but we don’t tolerate slackers, and thankfully, every single member of our team knows both the value and responsibility of our company’s work ethos.

We believe this work ethos becomes an indirect but nevertheless huge benefit for all of our clients. It means that after hiring WebMotif to do a job for you, you get the benefit of highly dedicated people willing to work all hours of the day or night to get the job done. It means that clients save costs on their projects because our work ethos allows us to save costs. It also means that we can deliver on tighter schedules than most of our competition.

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