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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 11:02am Vancouver Time
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Team & Strategy: Careers at WebMotif

WebMotif Net Services is always interested in hearing from skilled, talented web and design folks in the greater Vancouver area.

What we're looking for

WebMotif's current focus is on three major areas: graphic design, web design and development, and software development for mobile devices. We're interested in hearing from people who have one or more of the following skill sets;

  • web development exclusively in a php / apache / linux environment
  • web design skills using photoshop, illustrator, homesite / bbedit, dreamweaver mx, fireworks and other graphical / editing packages
  • web coding skills in html, dhtml, xhtml, and a working knowledge of rss, xml, and other emerging technologies.
  • photography skills, including film and digital, photoshop editing, professional portfolio work
  • video editing skills using premiere
  • web animation skills, with a deep skillset in using macromedia flash in an intelligent, "serves a purpose" type way (eye candy only need not apply).
  • software development skills in c++, java, j2me, php, and other platforms
  • mobile technology platform development, including the palm os, pocket pc os, and the symbian os, both series 60 (nokia phones, others) and symbian os 7 / uiq (sony ericsson, others)

What we're not looking for

We also have a short list of skill sets we are not looking for; if you have these skills, don't be worried about applying for a job with us - as long as your skill set includes some of the items listed in the previous bullet list, you're cool with us. As for skill sets we're not currently interested in:

  • those who don't "hand code" their html/dhtml/xhtml
  • those who develop primarily in microsoft front page
  • visual basic, active server programming, or nt / microsoft environment programming (we're exclusively php / linux / apache / freebsd / etc environment)

If you would like to submit your resume and cover letter to WebMotif, please do so using our online resume submission form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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