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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 10:04am Vancouver Time
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Products: The Web

The web is one of WebMotif Net Services Inc.'s primary focus arenas. We pride ourselves on building advanced, usable web sites for our clients that will serve their current and future needs for a very long time. Where other companies focus on providing the most glitz and eye candy they can for the money, our key focus is providing web sites that make sense.

From simple and elegant brochure websites to full service community websites using state of the art technology, refined and professional designs, and something that "has legs", WebMotif's focus on web development is unsurpassed.

Usability is the key word

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This website was tested for a variety of browsers and platforms, delivering identical content to all.

At WebMotif, a website is useless to us and our clients unless it is usable. Menu structures must make sense. Conventions like clicking the logo to go back to the home page must be followed. Consistencies in design yet uniqueness to sections of a website are rules that are practiced.

One of our key focus models is the "three click rule". We believe a good, usable website must allow a visitor a maximum of three clicks to go from any one page on a website to any other page on the website. Another key focus for our company is that design must never confuse. When your website drives your business, visitors to the site should not have to guess where the navigation links on the page are. We've found that when websites do this, people go elsewhere.

A third focus for WebMotif when building your website is a comfortable feel to the website that never has the site visitor confused or unsure of what to expect when visiting sections and pages. A website must be comfortable and intuitive to use, and one of our strengths is delivering that feel.

Viewability is the keyword

If you'll excuse us for being creative and using the word "viewability", it best describes a philosophy at WebMotif: a commercial website must be accessible to all. Where other companies like to focus on advanced technologies that haven't quite reached mainstream yet, our practice is to build websites that can be viewed easily on most browsers, and on most platforms. We don't just design for Internet Explorer on the PC. Our websites are tested on a variety of platforms and browser technologies, and we often build redundant technologies, graphics, images and coding into our clients' websites so that anyone browsing can get the full experience.

Another area we focus on are economical websites. Visitors to your commerce site will be turned off by massive 200kb and larger web pages that take minutes to download. Our client websites typically take seconds to access individual pages, with an average page "weight" of 75kb or less, including all code and graphics. Web user focus groups, both our own within the company and third party tests have shown that the most successful, high traffic websites are those that take less than 20 seconds per page to download, and we produce economical code and highly optimized graphics to achieve this speed with all the websites we produce.

Design is the keyword

A website is a visual mirror image of your business to the outside world, and this is something WebMotif Net Services takes seriously. We believe in tasteful, elegant and functional designs that fit your business like a glove. Our practice is to spend a substantial amount of our design time getting to know your company, your projected image, and that of your competitors to find your strengths and their weaknesses, and to build upon that when we design your website.

The key results are websites that closely match our clients' image, both real and projected. When your customers and clients visit your internet presence, our goal is to make them feel at home and familiar with your business. A website is your business plan, annual report, face and body to the outside world, and our paramount goal is to present that image in the best possible light.

Longevity is the keyword

A website isn't very good if it can no longer serve your needs six months down the road. Your investment is wasted, and it can turn you off on the entire concept of Internet marketing.

When WebMotif builds a website for a client, we pay attention to possible future needs and shifts in your business and your requirements on your website. Our layouts and template designs feature a lot of flexibility and room for expansion. We build many design tweaks and layouts that may not be used when your website is first launch, but can be called upon six months from now, or a year from now as your business expands and prospers.

We also pay close attention to the overall design of your website, eschewing trendy components and design choices for solid, timeless elements that will keep your website looking fresh years from now. These aren't just words. Some of our websites developed three or more years ago are still in use today with a design that still holds up. As we progress and mature as a company, we develop newer and more complete design choices that can last even longer in the fast-changing world of the Internet.

If you would like to find out more about our web development and design services, please don't hesitate to contact us today using our contact forms, or toll free in North America at 1-800-332-WIPS (9477). You can also contact us via email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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