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WebMotif Net Services Announces the Launch of the EspressoPeople Website

WebMotif Press Release: December 10, 2002

WebMotif launches one of the most advanced ecommerces sites online today in the field of retail consumer and espresso machine sales.

VANCOUVER, BC and MEDFORD, OR - December 10, 2002. WebMotif Net Services Inc. is pleased to announce the public launch of the website, a web development project designed and engineered to serve the retail sector. represents a milestone in WebMotif's core technological developments, including the newest version of the company's content management software, the Web Integrated Publishing System™ (WIPS™) and several innovative features, including a dynamically updating comparison engine, a tiered user feedback system, and several unique community features, none of which are found on other competing websites today.

"We were presented with many challenges by the Aabree Coffee, the owner of the new EspressoPeople website", said Mark Prince, WebMotif's Creative Director. "The client required a dynamically updating website that could be controlled and modified by any employee within their company, but they also wanted a series of features that could not be found in off-the-shelf solutions like those provided by Yahoo Stores or other ecommerce packages. We were also required to develop a wide range of sorting and categorizing options for products, and a variety of different ways to present these products, all dynamically, and all automatically updated whenever a new item was added to their inventory, or removed. Our WIPS software was able to meet all of these challenges and deliver a website that requires very little client-intervention while remaining fresh, constantly updated, and most importantly, made it easy for potential customers to not only find products, but purchase them, and learn a lot along the way."

Dan Hughes is the President of Aabree Coffee, and also the owner of "We always knew what we wanted our new website to deliver; the problem was, after a year of research, we couldn't find any company or any technology that could deliver what we wanted." said Hughes. "We found WebMotif, and they were the first company to step up to the plate and not only give us solutions we wanted, but they also came up with even better and more innovative ways to run our website, and to give us customers what I believe is a unique shopping experience online."

The website project was completed within its 75 day time frame, and the project remained on budget. The official launch date was December 7, 2002.

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.

WebMotif Net Services Inc. is an incorporated company in the province of British Columbia, specializing in a wide variety of new media services and products, including web design, web development, database integration, content management systems, print and advertising design and software development for mobile devices. Founded in 1994 as WriteDesign Ltd, the company has been developing technologies for the Internet since 1995.

About Aabree Coffee

Based in Medford, Oregon, AabreeCoffee has been at the forefront of online retailers for quality coffee and espresso equipment since 1998. They currently rank as the number one seller online today, and continue to expand their market presence with the new upscale website, Their main website is

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