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CoffeeGeek launches 2003 Holiday Gift List with Fund Drive for Coffee Kids

WebMotif Press Release: November 24, 2003, a wholly owned subsidiary of WebMotif Net Services, Inc., announces the official launch of the 3rd Annual Holiday Gift List and Fund Drive for the Coffee Connoisseur.

VANCOUVER, BC - November 24, 2003., a wholly owned subsidiary of WebMotif Net Services, Inc., announces the official launch of the 3rd Annual Holiday Gift List and Fund Drive for the Coffee Connoisseur.

The CoffeeGeek Holiday Gift List ( is an objective and independent listing of popular and unusual coffee and espresso related items that can be bought online in North America. Last year, the 2nd Annual Holiday Gift List was a major success, drawing in over 175,000 visitors during its 45 day run, and CoffeeGeek expects the number of visitors to surpass 200,000 this year. There are two major additions to the Gift List this year - a Wish List option, and a major fund raising drive for the charitable organization, Coffee Kids: Grounds for Hope (

"We were amazed at the number of visitors we had last year," said Mark Prince, the Senior Editor for CoffeeGeek. "We had two items listed in the Holiday Gift List last year for Coffee Kids, a 25 dollar and 50 dollar donation link. As an organization, we fully support and endorse the great work that Coffee Kids does in Latin America, and we felt two small listings for donations simply wasn't enough for this year. So, with Coffee Kids' support and assistance, we've created a major fund raising drive and information awareness for Coffee Kids  with special dedicated donation links and more information about this great organization. Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 for Coffee Kids during this fund drive, and to hopefully educate many thousands of consumers about the great work this charity does."

CoffeeGeek hopes to meet this goal through a several different donation means. The website is taking a full half of the money that sponsors of the Holiday Gift List paid to CoffeeGeek and will donate those funds to Coffee Kids directly. The website also has five different donation options, from $10 to $100 and a type-your-own box, and CoffeeGeek will be matching all donations made via these donate boxes, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum total donation amount of $1,500.

Further, CoffeeGeek has attracted two additional charitable sponsors to also match dollar for dollar the donations that visitors to the website make, up to $500 each. These corporate donors are Chris' Coffee Service in Albany, NY, and Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters, in Chicago.

"We managed to get two sponsors on board early on in our dollar for dollar matching campaign, which is great," said Mark Prince. "We're still searching for more, and would like to get to the point were we have five or six corporate dollars for every single dollar donated by our site members and visitors."

The other major addition to the 2003 Holiday Gift List is the inclusion of a Wish List Function for website members. If someone likes a product they see listed, they can add it to their own custom "wish list", and then can share or email that wishlist to friends and family.

Back again for a second year is the Holiday Gift List Sweeps Contest. This year, and its sponsors are giving away over $3,000 worth of coffee and espresso related items, including a grand prize of coffee delivered to your door for a year, from Intelligentsia coffee.

The 2003 CoffeeGeek Holiday Gift List is a completely objective, independent listing of coffee and espresso related products. None of the listings for products have been paid for - all the listings were independently picked by CoffeeGeek authors and staff based on the product's merit, availability, pricing, and or uniqueness. The list contains over 150 items, all described and ranked by CoffeeGeek Staff.

CoffeeGeek is a consumer and professional information, opinions, and reviews media source for coffee consumers, and the coffee and espresso industry, with over 4,500 pages of information available. CoffeeGeek reaches an estimated 148,450 monthly visitors (average number from a six month sample), who view approximately 1.75 million pages in a month, making the website the most read coffee resource online or in print. The website has been online since December 19, 2001.

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Webmotif Net Services Inc., is an incorporated web and software development company located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  WebMotif specializes in customized content management solutions for the web, design and photography services, as well as software development services for the Symbian operating system platform. WebMotif is the owner of various Internet properties including, the world's most read coffee and espresso resource.

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