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WebMotif Announces New Mobile Products Division

WebMotif Press Release: September 17, 2001

WebMotif announces the formation of a new mobile software division called MobileMotif™.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - September 17, 2001. Recognizing the coming explosive growth in the mobile computing sector of the high technology industry, WebMotif Net Services Inc., announces today the formation of a new mobile software division called MobileMotif™.

“We believe that the Pocket PC mobile computing platform and other Windows CE™ based consumer and enterprise products will enjoy a massive amount of growth over the next few years as they become more commonplace and mainstream,” said Wayne Venables, WebMotif’s chief Programmer Analyst. “Right now there are a lot of quality applications for the Pocket PC, but there are also a lot of holes in the market, applications and conduit technologies that simply don’t exist yet. Our new division will address these holes in the marketplace by developing some really exciting and desired applications for the Pocket PC.”

The first publicly released software application will be PocketNews, an offline news reader for ARM-based Pocket PC devices. ARM is the processing chip used in Compaq™ iPaq™ PDAs, the new Toshiba™ Genio™ Pocket PC, and all future Pocket PC devices using Microsoft’s recently released Pocket PC 2002™ operating system. PocketNews is a full featured Usenet newsgroup reader with email capabilities that incorporates new conduit technology developed exclusively by WebMotif and its new division, MobileMotif. The conduit allows seamless offline newsgroup reading along with full email capabilities, something that does not yet exist for the Pocket PC platform. The program currently under development, and will be released in mid October, 2001.

MobileMotif is also developing other conduit based applications for the Pocket PC platform to allow seamless integration between the Internet, the desktop, and the mobile computing device. Applications currently under development include a variety of conduits and applications supporting Microsoft Office™ programs that currently do not have equivalents built into the Pocket PC operating system.

WebMotif’s Web Integrated Publishing System™ (WIPS™) will also be developed into a Pocket PC application called WIPMobile™ for remote and wireless editing of website content on corporate websites. The company issued another press release on this day about this new development.

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.
WebMotif Net Services Inc., is an incorporated company in British Columbia specializing in web technologies, mobile software applications, design and consulting. Web Technologies include content delivery systems, database integration, wireless content access and editing systems, and ecommerce services. Founded in 1996, WebMotif Net Services Inc. has evolved into a small yet dedicated team of highly qualified web and programming professionals that work for one client at a time.

Contact Information:
Jeanette Chan, Project Coordinator
WebMotif Net Services Inc.
1.800.332.WIPS (9477)

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