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WebMotif Net Services Inc., Announces New Mobile Services Division

WebMotif Press Release: September 17, 2001

WebMotid announces a new mobile services division called WIPMobile™ to address this new and growing sector of the high technology market.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - September 17, 2001. As Internet delivery technologies continue to evolve and expand, WebMotif Net Services Inc., ( a Vancouver-based web development and software applications company, is announcing today a new mobile services division called WIPMobile™ to address this new and growing sector of the high technology market.

“As a company we firmly believe the mobile computing sector is set for explosive growth over the next 2 to 4 years, experiencing the same kind of phenomenal growth that the Internet itself enjoyed between 1995 and 1999,” said Mark Prince, Creative Director for WebMotif. “The coming convergence of 3G wireless broadband communication, advances in portable computing products and cell phones will make mobile computing a fact of life for most of North America in the next few years. Companies that get on this now, on the ground floor, will be setting the trends and reaping the benefits.”

Recognizing this emerging industry, WebMotif is expanding its operations and services into the mobile computing arena, including wireless content delivery systems, remote content management for websites, and interactive software projects. These efforts are targeted at mobile computer products including Pocket PC devices such as the Compaq™ iPaq™, the Palm™ computing platform, and WAP enabled cell phones.

The company is nearing completion of a new version of its content management software, the Web Integrated Publishing System™ (WIPS™). The new version is called WIPMobile, and will give enterprise and corporate web sites owners the ability to set up unique channels of information targeted for delivery on mobile computing platforms. Support for XML, HTML 3.2 mobile for Pocket Internet Explorer™ on the Pocket PC, AvantGo™ ( targeted channels, and WAP access through cellular phones part of the package.

WIPMobile will also allow full featured editing access to content on corporate websites through the wireless mobile devices. A company’s entire website can be edited remotely via a cell phone or Pocket PC device. One typical scenario for this functionality would be a company president updating their corporate website straight from the floor of a convention they are attending, keeping clients up to date on new announcements, daily briefing notes, or new product announcements. WebMotif Net Services plans a full rollout of this service in October, 2001.

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.
WebMotif Net Services Inc., is an incorporated company in British Columbia specializing in web technologies, mobile software applications, design and consulting. Web Technologies include content delivery systems, database integration, wireless content access and editing systems, and ecommerce services. Founded in 1996, WebMotif Net Services Inc. has evolved into a small yet dedicated team of highly qualified web and programming professionals that work for one client at a time.

Contact Information:
Jeanette Chan, Project Coordinator
WebMotif Net Services Inc.
1.800.332.WIPS (9477)

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