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WebMotif Net Services Introduces WIPS

WebMotif Press Release: July 17, 2000

WebMotif launches custom content management solution.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - July 17, 2000. WebMotif Net Services today announces the launch of its new content management software, the Web Integrated Publishing System™, or WIPS™.

Content management software allows companies both small and large the ability to manage and maintaint their online presence through a simple web-based interface, requiring no knowledge of HTML or scripting or programming. While some content management applications are client-side based, meaning they are specialized pieces of software that need to be installed on the computers that will edit the website, WebMotif's solution sits on the hosting server for the website. This frees clients from having to install proprietary software, and also allows remote editing of a website from any location, in the office, at home, or on the road.

"Web content management software is a huge new trend, one very favourable to our clientele," said Mark Prince, partner and Creative Director with WebMotif. "Content is king on the web, and that means to keep your site popular, you have to continually update your content - your articles, your products, your photos, your online store, et cetera. Up until now, most companies had to deal with the massive expense of hiring specialized staff to manage their web content, updating the pages via complicated software tool for editing html pages and for programming all the necessary things for database integration, virtual stores, and the like. If they didn't hire specialized staff for this, they often outsourced it, at a cost of thousands of dollars per month. WIPS solves these problems and eliminates the need for trained staff, or outsourcing. WIPS can be controlled by people with little or no html knowledge, and no serious training is required to use the software and manage content on a website."

WebMotif's estimates are that WIPS should pay for itself within the first year with the cost savings it creates, even in small companies with less than 10 staff, or small startup etailers looking to get their business off the ground.

About WebMotif Net Services
WebMotif Net Services Inc is a private company located in British Columbia, specializing in web technologies, design and consulting. Web Technologies include content delivery systems, database integration, wireless access systems, and ecommerce services. Founded in 1996, WebMotif Net Services. has evolved into a small yet dedicated team of highly qualified web professionals that work one client at a time.

Contact Information:
Jeanette Chan
Project Coordinator
WebMotif Net Services Inc.
1.800.332.WIPS (9477)

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