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Vancouver-Based WebMotif Launches New Site, New Services

WebMotif Press Release: July 13, 2001

WebMotif Net Services Launches completed revised website and focuses on new exciting services.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - August 20, 2001. Recognizing the need for improved content management systems by small and medium business, and a changing structure and focus in the company, WebMotif Net Services Inc. ( has launched a completely revised website and is launching Version 2.2 of their Web Integrated Publishing System™ (WIPS™).

WIPS Launch
"For a long time now we've been developing a content management system that meets a lot of needs out there not addressed by other available software," said Mark Prince, CEO and Creative Director for WebMotif. "WIPS is our answer to what we perceive as a 'hole' in the industry - until now most content management systems were either affordable but limited, or very customizable yet extremely expensive. WIPS isn't expensive, but it is fully customizable to our clients needs. Our second version of WIPS adds to the functionality we introduced over a year ago, and greatly refines the entire content management process."

WIPS is based on the PHP scripting language and can be ported to all major server software systems, including Windows NT, Linux, Apache, and other popular server technologies. Further, WIPS is designed for remote and secure access, allowing clients the ability to edit their sites from any location with Internet access and a web browser.

WIPS is based on a system of modules that each can be fully customizable to specific needs. Currently, there are 14 modules, including a general content module, an image distribution system, a document distribution system, multimedia 2 way conferencing, a full featured bulletin board / discussion module, user controls, various e-commerce enabled modules, and more. There is even a "remote content" module that not only allows content to be automatically delivered via wireless devices such as WAP enabled cell phones and Palm and Pocket PC PDA devices, but also allows WebMotif Clients the ability to edit their content from a cell phone or PDA.

WIPS is competitively priced, and features an attractive return on investment for most companies - usually 12 months or less. Current clients with WIPS in place include The Electric Mail Company, , Catalyst Corporate Finance Lawyers, , and Western Compensation and Benefits Consultants, , all Vancouver-based businesses.

New Website, New Focus
In conjunction with the launch of WIPS 2.2, WebMotif Net Services has changed the structure of the company and its focus and methodology.

"Two years ago, WebMotif was a 2 person operation with a heavy slant on design and html coding, with little or no programming services. Today we are 6 dedicated people, branching out into the software industry, amongst other plans," Jeanette Chan, WebMotif's Projects Coordinator said. "In the next year our strategy is ambitious and includes development of a self-contained WIPS for wholesale distribution, plans to further our WAP and Wireless technologies and delivery systems, and an increased focus on emerging Internet trends."

With this new focus, the company has redesigned its website to feature all the changes and new offerings, along with a dedicated client access area for consulting and support services.

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.
WebMotif Net Services Inc., is an incorporated company in British Columbia specializing in web technologies, design and consulting. Web Technologies include content delivery systems, database integration, wireless access systems, and ecommerce services. Founded in 1996, WebMotif Net Services Inc. has evolved into a small yet dedicated team of highly qualified web professionals that work one client at a time.

Contact Information:
Jeanette Chan
Project Coordinator
WebMotif Net Services Inc.
1.800.332.WIPS (9477)

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