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WebMotif to speak at Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo on subject of Internet

WebMotif Press Release: May 4, 2003

WebMotif Net Services has been invited to speak at the 2003 Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo on the subject of the Internet and electronic commerce.

VANCOUVER, BC - May 4, 2003. Following on the heels of a successful discussion and seminar at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Annual Conference and Trade Show in Boston, WebMotif Net Services Inc. has been requested to present a seminar and discussion on the current state of the Internet and electronic Commerce at the Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo, to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 20 and 21, 2003.

"I'm very excited and pleased that the Canadian Expo organizers asked us to do a seminar at their trade show," says Mark Prince, WebMotif's Creative Director and the planned speaker for the event. "I think this is an even more important venue than the SCAA show we did in April, given that Canadian electronic commerce, while coming on strong, is still a bit behind what's currently available in the United States. I hope our talk will give the attendees more of an impetus to get online, and discover a whole new world of opportunity for their businesses."

Vida Radovanovic, the trade show's organizer, requested WebMotif's Creative Director for this show because not only his he involved in launching new eCommerce ventures online on a regular basis, but because Prince is very much in tune with the current quality coffee and espresso marketplace. "When (Prince) agreed to speak at our Expo, I was very happy because I believe there's no other Internet specialist in North America more in tune with both the Internet and the world of quality coffee," says Radovanovic. "Mark's talk at the SCAA was highly informative and educational, and I know our attendees will gain much benefit from his presentation at our show."

The Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo, based out of Toronto for a long time, is now permanently held annually in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year's show is at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Prince's seminar will be held on Saturday, June 21, from 9:00 am to 10:15 am.

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.

WebMotif Net Services Inc. is an incorporated company in the province of British Columbia, specializing in a wide variety of new media services and products, including web design, web development, database integration, content management systems, print and advertising design and software development for mobile devices. Founded in 1994 as WriteDesign Ltd, the company has been developing technologies for the Internet since 1995.

About the Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo

The Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo is Canada's largest coffee and beverage trade show and education forum. Addressing all aspects of beverage service, this show is the premier showcase for specialty coffee, tea, restaurant and cafe service, and all aspects of the hospitality market. As many as 150 exhibitors will be showing products, and a full slate of educational seminars are planned. In addition, the Coffee and Tea Expo is the new home of the Canadian Barista Competition. Full information can be found at

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