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WebMotif to Deliver Seminar on eCommerce at SCAA Trade Show in Boston

WebMotif Press Release: April 13, 2003

WebMotif Net Services is invited to present a seminar on the subject of electronic commerce and web development at the world's largest trade show for the coffee industry.

BOSTON, MA - April 12, 2003. WebMotif Net Services Inc. has been requested by the Specialty Coffee Association of America ( to present a seminar on the Internet at this year's SCAA Trade Show and Convention, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, on Monday, April 28, 2003.

WebMotif's Creative Director, Mark Prince, will present a 75 minute seminar providing a solid foundation for businesses looking to get onto the Internet for the first time, or looking to expand and improve their existing websites.

"It is a great honour for our company to be asked to present at such a prestigious event as the SCAA annual trade show," says Prince. "My plan is to give a complete picture to the attendees of all aspects of the Internet and electronic commerce, including brochure sites right on up to complex community websites. I think it's important to stress with these businesses that the web is a viable and mature advertising, promotion and educational medium that they must take advantage of in today's challenging economy."

Prince's seminar will focus on theory behind the Internet and web retailing, and will present a no nonsense and objective view of the different levels of technology available out in the marketplace. Because this is meant to be an educational seminar, Prince is purposely minimizing mention of the WebMotif company in his prepared notes, instead focusing on a wide range of technologies and services available to the starting web entrepreneur, including many from WebMotif's direct competitors.

"My hope is to provide a rounded, unbiased approach to the attendees," says Prince. "I will stress the positives and negatives with going the do it yourself method, using resources within one's company to build a website. I'll also present solid information about going with economical prepackaged web designs as well as complete services, including those of Yahoo™ Stores and other 'off the shelf' solutions."

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.

WebMotif Net Services Inc. is an incorporated company in the province of British Columbia, specializing in a wide variety of new media services and products, including web design, web development, database integration, content management systems, print and advertising design and software development for mobile devices. Founded in 1994 as WriteDesign Ltd, the company has been developing technologies for the Internet since 1995.

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