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WebMotif Net Services Opens a Branch Office In Richmond, BC

WebMotif Press Release: February 1, 2001

WebMotif opens new Richmond offices.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - February 2, 2001. As WebMotif Net Services continues to expand and grow, a new branch office has been opened in Richmond, British Columbia.

"For a while now, there has been a need in our company for a satellite office for our design team which is mostly located in Richmond," said Mark Prince, CEO and Creative Director for WebMotif. "As a result, we have opened up a small 3 station office with an open atmosphere and layout that aids our collaborative process. It works well for our design team and as a result of the new office, we find our design process has really blossomed."

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.
WebMotif Net Services Inc., is an incorporated company in British Columbia specializing in web technologies, design and consulting. Web Technologies include content delivery systems, database integration, wireless access systems, and ecommerce services. Founded in 1996, WebMotif Net Services Inc. has evolved into a small yet dedicated team of highly qualified web professionals that work one client at a time.

Contact Information:
Jeanette Chan
Project Coordinator
WebMotif Net Services Inc.
1.800.332.WIPS (9477)

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