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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 9:59am Vancouver Time
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News & Info: Tragedy and Terrorism

Collectively, we were in shock.

On Tuesday, September 11, I woke up ready to start a busy day that included the issuing of two press releases, and a major strategy meeting with my design staff on future plans for our company. My first act of the day was to turn on the radio, and I heard the terrible, terrible news.

The television was turned on, and all thoughts of working were put aside. I will never forget the image of that first tower collapsing, or the plane ramming into the World Trade Centre. How can humanity be so evil?

Thoughts of working this entire week were hard to deal with. Each of us in the WebMotif family had to work out our thoughts, our prayers, our sympathies and our rage.

I found one way to do it, which I won't get into here for personal reasons. We also found another way to do it. We donated $200 to the American Red Cross Emergency Fund and $200 to the New York City Fire Department's 9-11 fund. It's not much, it's a pittance really, but we feel so helpless here on the west coast.

I would urge you to make charitable donations to help out in this tragic event. You can do so at Amazon, at Yahoo, or through Paypal.

Our thoughts, prayers, and hopes go out to all affected by this crime against humanity.

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