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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 9:51am Vancouver Time
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News & Info: Venture into Software Development

As mentioned in our recent press release our company has decided to take the big leap into software development for mobile devices. Our primary focus at this time is on the Pocket PC platform but we'll soon be expanding to the Palm operating system as well.

Wayne Venables, our chief programmer and analyst is really excited about this venture. Wayne has spent some time during his Uni days writing software for Windows CE 3 and 2.1, and is looking forward to the products we roll out. His assistants are also excited by the new prospect, and are furiously working on building code and doing very early Alpha projects for internal use.

On the design side of the company, we're trying to decide if we should build a new site for this software venture, or simply construct a new section within the WebMotif website to host the information. I think that once we have more than a few applications for "sale" (and one or two as freebie giveaways), then we'll take the step of launching a new website. For now, we have so much on our plate that building a new website would be very taxing.

The name we came up for this new division of the company is kind of funny, I realise it, but we're all about maintaining a certain "motif" around here, so MotifMobile seemed logical, but the staff still snickers a bit at the way it rolls off the tongue. It was also original, and not yet copyrighted (until we made it our copyright :-)).

Our first projects on the board are ones that fill certain holes in the Pocket PC software world. The first one to be completed will be a true offline news reader. It works on a conduit technology that Wayne has been fooling around with for some time now, where an application sits on your desktop, and can either automatically poll your news server for your favourite newsgroups, or can do it manually. It's going to be pretty robust, with a lot of controls and filters built into it. And it even includes a bit of our proprietary WIPS code. The Pocket PC side of the app will be just as robust, and a lot more full-featured than just about any other Internet App I've seen for the PPC, including email programs, browsers, and "online" newsreaders currently available for the PPC. In fact, Version 1.0 of our new product, tentatively called PocketNews, will include it's own outgoing email client!

The other projects we have on tap are also very exciting. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but suffice to say this: the launch of Pocket PC 2002 has not satisfied those who want a better word processor on their portable device. We're looking into fixing that.

Thanks for reading, till next time....

-- Mark Prince, Creative Director.

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