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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 10:13am Vancouver Time
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WebMotif Clients: EspressoPeople Commerce Website

The Project

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The Client

Industry: Web Retailer
Location: Medford, Oregon

The Challenge

The client was unhappy with the limitations their existing ecommerce website and host presented to them, and wanted a website that worked more in tune with their business practices, company databases, and telephone sales. In addition, they wanted a fresh, refined interface for the website and the flexibility of dynamic updates. The client also wanted less reliance on a third party web developer for doing updates to the website.

The Solution

WebMotif Net Services Inc. had several initial planning and strategy discussions with the client, looking and investigating where they weren't being serviced by their existing solution, and offering up some new ideas on how to control and manage their web business. In our initial discussions, we identified six main areas of importance for the client.

  • the website required a completely new look and identity compared to their old business. The company wanted to establish a new brand and identity that more focused on the upscale marketplace.

  • the client wanted to sever any dependencies on third parties. In the past, they relied on a web design company to update their website. They also relied on a contract worker to do updates, and found that situation challenging.

  • they wanted a website that required little maintenance once it was launched and all content was put in place.

  • they wanted a wide range of community features to give their customers a more personalized experience on the website.

  • tight integration with their internal software and inventory management systems was crucial to the success of the website.

  • the ability to write as much as they could, or as little as they could about products had to be designed into the website's look so that it could be flexible enough to not look like it had "holes" in content.

The Process

EspressoPeople was an ideal client for our comprehensive content management solution. Refined over the years, our Web Integrated Publishing System had all the tools necessary to deliver the client a dynamically updated, community featured website that would require little maintenance once launched, and a very personal, one on one experience for each and every visitor.

We first addressed the issues of image the client wanted. We chose a clean, uncluttered interface for the most part, with a lot of white space and good leading between lines of text. Visual imagery was very important to the success of the website, and designed into the core of our templates are large, visual and vibrant images displaying the variety of products sold.

We mapped out the entire layout of the website, and came up with a navigation system that was both intuitive and powerful. You can get from any one spot on the EspressoPeople website to any other spot in three clicks or less.

We built a series of customized translators that let our WIPS system "talk" with the client's internal databases for inventory control and management. One portion of the system automatically removes a product (temporarily) from the website if it is out of inventory.

Full training on our WIPS system was provided to EspressoPeople staff, and the client added most of the content to the website on their own, without our intervention or help.

The Aftermath is one of the most advanced small business web sites online today. A rich variety of community features, including wish lists, mini-reviews, and voting on the quality of products is included. The website's front page updates every 30 minutes, featuring new items, giving the visitor the constant impression of "new" things at the website.

The wide range of automated features and the ability to update the site on their own without any html knowledge or use of third parties has saved the client substantial amounts of money. They believe the return on investment for our services and products has paid for itself within the first six months.

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